Hair Removal for Body and Facial Zones
The Beauty Bar
Skin Care, Facials, Make-Up, Waxing,  and Eyelash Extensions  
by Christine Spiering
Every area of the face and body has different needs when
it comes to hair removal.  I can discuss with you the best
hair removal options, comparisons and advice for
removing your facial or body hair.

Waxing Services

Eyebrows - There's more to beautiful brows than just
getting rid of hair.  A careful selection of removing and
keeping the right hairs makes the world of difference in
framing your eyes and balancing your face. $20

Lip-  Unwanted facial hair is a real problem for many
women. Lose the five o'clock shadow in minutes. $15

Cheek/Chin- Remove the "peach fuzz" that catches your
eye every so often. $15

Legs - Getting silky legs for weeks is easier than you
might think.  Half Leg $35/ Full Leg $60

Underarms - Confidently raise your hands and bare
smooth  underarms. $20

Bikini - Experience being hair free in your bikini line for
weeks at a time. $30

Brazilian -  This bikini wax style removes all the hair from
the front, all the way in-between to the behind. $50 +

Back/Chest -  Both men and women can rid themselves of
excessive hair growth on the chest and back. $40

Arms- For those who are tired and self conscious of that
dark fuzz on the arms.  Full Arm $50/ Half Arm $30
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